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Case Studies 


The Ascott Limited - Enterprise Data Platform

Leveraging its cloud-based Enterprise Data Platform, Ascott is able to harness the intelligence and scale of the collected data to enhance operational efficiency, deliver better customer service and secure new business development opportunities, especially for its request for proposal (RFP) submissions.

Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore - Driving Data-led Transformation

Embarking on an Internal Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) since 2018, the hotel is building a sustainable and Smart business model incorporating digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.

Plover Trip - Travel Management Solution

The corporate travel agency’s seamless digital-led processes and data infrastructure help shave significant hours off administrative tasks. Their proprietary technology platform generates insights to drive business strategy and add value to clients. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore - Innovative Scorecards

Marina Bay Sands' innovative scorecards based on multiple data points provide an accurate review of staff performance and promote service excellence at the hotel and casino service bar gaming floor. These data points also aid managers in better understanding customer preferences and reducing food waste.

Grand Hyatt Singapore - Data Analysis Tools

Armed with data literacy and access to data tools, junior and middle managers at Grand Hyatt Singapore can now confidently make data-driven decisions to tackle operational challenges and increase guest satisfaction.                                                                                                       


STB would like to thank the following organisations for their support and contributions in the development of the case studies.

The Ascott Limited

Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore

Plover Trip

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore 

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